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~Cybersecurity ratings for IT & cybersecurity teams

For IT & cybersecurity teams

Cybersecurity rating brings a way to communicate positively. It enables a communication about what is achieved instead on focusing on vulnerabilities or issues. It facilitates a quick and powerful assessment of any organization to reassure your management, your teams and other stakeholders. It enables monitoring of thousands of vendors, including cloud providers which will help organizations in their digitalization. Finally, the use continuous rating will make easier the monitoring of your action plan to enhance cybersecurity and manage your risks.

For investment teams

Add cybersecurity rating to your screening processes will quickly ensure a better risk profile of your targets. It's simple, fast, accessible and you will make better decisions. The use of continuous rating allows you to mature your investment portfolio by leading cybersecurity discussion at board level.

Cybersecurity ratings for investment teams
Cybersecurity ratings for client services teams

For client services teams

Share your rating and those of your suppliers with your prospects and customers will enable a strategic advantage. By leveraging on cybersecurity ratings, you will build strong relationships with a positive language.

For all teams

Cybersecurity is as simple as a grade at school. You know your rating, your position with others, your strenghtens, your issues. No abstract language and no fear, you will better understand cybersecurity and so you will make better decisions.

Cybersecurity ratings for all teams

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