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A clear, comprehensive and objective picture of cybersecurity

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a better understanding makes better decisions

Make cybersecurity a key to success

  • Have an impact in your communication with cyber ratings
  • Scale your vendor risk management program
  • Position your business with industry benchmarks
  • Leverage on automated and independent ratings elaborated in the same way for all organizations
  • Grow and develop cybersecurity with continuous ratings

The cybersecurity that everybody understands

Cybersecurity ratings for IT & cybersecurity teams

For IT & cybersecurity teams

Have an impact in your communication and mature your cybersecurity

Cybersecurity ratings for purchasing team

For purchasing teams

Choose best-in-class suppliers and monitor your cybersecurity risks

Cybersecurity ratings for investment teams

For investment teams

Screen your targets and mature your investments

Cybersecurity ratings for client services teams

For client services teams

Make cybersecurity a strategic advantage to build stronger relationships

Cyrating named a representative provider by Gartner

"By 2022, cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of existing and new business relationships", Gartner Analysts Sam Olyaei, Christopher Ambrose and Jeffrey Wheatman

Cyrating named a representative provider by Gartner for Security Rating Services.

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our vision

Removing the barriers to cybersecurity

With Cyrating, businesses can be both transparent and successful. We provide businesses with the power to understand their cybersecurity and to have a clear picture of cybersecurity of their digital ecosystem. By using Cyrating, businesses can use cybersecurity as a key differentiator.

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