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by | mon, 09 oct 2017

Launch of Cyrating, first cybersecurity rating agency rooted in Europe

Recent large-scale data breaches, as well as the strengthening of regulations in Europe and around the world, are forcing business leaders to seek effectiveness in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is now a strategic issue for corporate governance. Managing their organization's cybersecurity risks, and even more those of their vendors or suppliers, remains a huge challenge for executives. Three professionals (Charles d'Aumale, François Gratiolet and Christophe Ternat) decided to create the first European cybersecurity rating agency.

Thanks to his experience as CISO and cybersecurity strategy consultant, François Gratiolet, co-founder in charge of strategy and marketing at Cyrating, explains the current situation: « Cybersecurity involves board of directors and various departments within organisations: general management, legal, risk management, IT, etc. However, there is a real difficulty in communicating and understanding each other on cybersecurity issues because there is no shared vocabulary, tool or standard that everyone can understand. In addition, managers do not have objective data points to evaluate, to benchmark and to manage their cybersecurity performance. Access to objective and actionable ratings brings this common understanding to all. »

To achieve this, Cyrating has developed a platform that processes an observable set of data to highlight the cybersecurity facts and events related to organizations' assets and compares them with cybersecurity best practices and standards. This approach makes it possible to compute metrics synthetized by a score or rating. All this process is carried out independently of the rated organisation, and does not require any installation of software or hardware at customers' side. This means that thousands of companies or public organizations are rated without interaction with them. If a company's rating is not already available, it is calculated almost instantly. Through this approach, Cyrating aims to support the improvement of cybersecurity for organizations in Europe.

About Cyrating

Cyrating Cyrating is the pioneer cybersecurity rating agency established in Europe. Cyrating evaluates the cybersecurity performance of organizations using objective and independent ratings. Cyrating provides through its web platform the ratings of organizations, their subsidiaries and their vendors or partners, as well as their positioning in their respective industry.

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