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by cyrating | thu, 01 mar 2018

OuiSpoon leverages security ratings to protect its users

OuiSpoon leverages security ratings to protect its users

A collaborative platform of activities between colleagues, protects their users' personal data with Cyrating, the first cybersecurity rating agency anchored in Europe

With the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), managing cybersecurity and protecting personal data of their customers is now a strategic challenge for digital players and start-ups.

is a platform for organizing activities between colleagues. Their solution is sold to large corporations, such as EDF or Generali. "These companies, like us, care about the safety of their employees. Protecting our users and their personal data is part of our DNA" said , CEO of OuiSpoon.

Cybersecurity is a tough domain, and OuiSpoon did not necessarily know where to start improving the security of their platform That's why OuiSpoon came to Cyrating in order to continuously assess their cybersecurity, identify and tackle key issues. , CTO of OuiSpoon said: "Cyrating allows us to enforce the best practices in cybersecurity. Thanks to them, our users can navigate serenely".

When OuiSpoon talks to their future customers, there is always a moment when the CIO puts cybersecurity on the table. Having improved the security of the platform with Cyrating and showing evidence of their cyber hygiene allows OuiSpoon to reassure its clients and accelerate business discussions. Raphael Maisonnier, CEO of OuiSpoon, concludes: "We can even imagine comparing our security with that of our prospects. They will see that ours is rather solid!"

"We are excited to support OuiSpoon in their growth. Cybersecurity is both critical and a business differentiator for digital pure players and start-ups. Ratings are actionable so that start-ups can immediately protect their digital assets\" said co-founder of Cyrating.

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About OuiSpoon

OuiSpoon OuiSpoon is a collaborative platform of activities between colleagues. It allows each employee of his client companies to propose / join activities with their colleagues. These activities can be of all kinds: lunch, afterwork, sports, cultural activities, games, etc. One mission: break the silos by creating a linkage informally! OuiSpoon already helps companies like EDF or Generali to re-engage their employees by improving their well-being at work.

About Cyrating

Cyrating Cyrating is the first cybersecurity rating agency established in Europe. Cyrating helps forward-thinking organisations to maximize their cybersecurity performance and investments. We identify potential for improvement, benchmark it against industry best practices and provide standardized cybersecurity metrics. Our tech platform provides a solid foundation and a common language for both CEOs and executives to improve their organisation\'s cybersecurity performance.

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