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by cyrating | mon, 19 mar 2018

France-Luxembourg: Excellium and Cyrating join forces to improve the cybersecurity performance of their clients

On the occasion of the France-Luxembourg Economic Forum of 19 March 2018 and the arrival of the Luxembourg delegation in Paris, Cyrating and Excellium, two innovative SMEs established in France and Luxembourg, announce a strategic partnership to protect their customers against cyber threats.

The recent large-scale data breaches, as well as the tightening of regulations in Europe, are forcing organizations to seek greater efficiency in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is now a key issue for corporate governance. Managing the cybersecurity risks of their organization, and even more the ones of their suppliers, remains an immense challenge.

Luxembourg's leading cybersecurity services provider, and Cyrating, the leading cybersecurity rating agency in Europe, are working together to effectively protect economic players in Luxembourg and strengthen their digital resilience.

The Cyrating technology platform analyses a set of observable data by querying both the rated company's digital resources and global threat intelligence databases, compares them with cybersecurity best practices and standards, and calculates metrics and ratings. Cyrating also highlights proven cybersecurity events (botnet connection, spam propagation, malware hosting, potentially compromised machines, etc.). Cyrating's ratings, metrics, industry comparable and events fuel Excellium services, continuously identify cybersecurity issues and improve cybersecurity of organisations.

Founder & Managing Partner of Excellium: "Cybersecurity rating services are now unavoidable. Cyrating's outside-in approach gives our customers more visibility into the cybersecurity posture of their entities and suppliers. The rating is complementary to our security assessment and vulnerability management services and improves the detection and response capabilities of our SOC and CERT services. Thus, we complete our offering and support our customers in order to increase their cybersecurity effectiveness ".

"We are very pleased to launch this partnership with Excellium, an innovative provider of cybersecurity services established in Luxembourg and recognized in Europe. This agreement will accelerate our development on the market in Europe and more particularly in Luxembourg. Excellium will leverage cybersecurity rating information and deliver higher value-added services through its SOC to sustainably improve the cybersecurity posture of Luxembourg companies" said , Cyrating co-founder, Sales & Finance.

About Excellium

Excellium Excellium experience and expertise helps customers make the right decisions in developing, implementing and managing their security. Excellium offers its clients the services of a local, flexible, innovative and responsive partner with strong expertise in the protection of intangible assets.

About Cyrating

Cyrating Cyrating is the first cybersecurity rating agency established in Europe. Cyrating helps forward-thinking organisations to maximize their cybersecurity performance and investments. We identify potential for improvement, benchmark it against industry best practices and provide standardized cybersecurity metrics. Our tech platform provides a solid foundation and a common language for both CEOs and executives to improve their organisation's cybersecurity performance.

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