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by cyrating | tue, 06 mar 2018

Cyrating and UBCOM partner to help top executives monitor their cybersecurity performance

Cyrating and UBCOM partner to help executives monitor their cybersecurity performance

A leading European cybersecurity service provider, and Cyrating, the first cybersecurity rating company anchored in Europe, partner to deliver services in order to enhance cybersecurity performance of organisations

Facing increasing cyberthreats, stronger regulation and global digitalization, organisations are increasingly investing in cybersecurity, and their executives are now asking for greater visibility and cybersecurity effectiveness regarding their entities and third parties (suppliers, partners, customers).

already provides comprehensive solutions and methodology to help its customers in such matter. It was looking for a solution to strengthen the continuous monitoring of cybersecurity posture of a wide quantity of organisations and to provide benchmarks to its customers.

Through its scalable and innovative tech platform, Cyrating already rates automatically the cybersecurity performance of thousands of companies. Based on an "outside-in" approach, every company's cybersecurity is continuously rated between 0 and 100 and is compared to its peers. Ratings and related metrics provide actionable insights to board members and executives so that they can quickly assess the cybersecurity effectiveness of their entities and that of their third parties. In addition, their IT teams have access to the underlying metrics and can tackle security issues.

According to UBCOM's CEO, : "Such cybersecurity ratings provide additional insights to the top management of our customers about their cybersecurity challenges; our experts will provide customers tailored programs in order to enhance the cybersecurity of their entire value chain."

"We are very pleased to launch this partnership with UBCOM, a well-recognized team in the European cybersecurity marketspace. It will accelerate our go to market in Europe. UBCOM will leverage our security ratings service and advise their customers' executives to better understand and improve their cybersecurity posture in a sustainable way", said , co-founder of Cyrating.


UBCOM UBCOM delivers business intelligence through cybersecurity and is a privileged cybersecurity partner of the Vigiswiss Association. We help companies to deal with business secrecy protection and data sovereignty. It is a confidential, strategic and very engaging approach for companies.

About Cyrating

Cyrating Cyrating is the first cybersecurity rating agency established in Europe. Cyrating helps forward-thinking organisations to maximize their cybersecurity performance and investments. We identify potential for improvement, benchmark it against industry best practices and provide standardized cybersecurity metrics. Our tech platform provides a solid foundation and a common language for both CEOs and executives to improve their organisation\'s cybersecurity performance.

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